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Moving in the right direction.

This project was a fantastic opporunity to make some big waves in the ever-changing world of real estate. Working with Match Property Estate Agents to develop a refreshed corporate identity meant overhauling their logo, cleaning up the branding, and rebuilding the website.

In a crowded marketplace it is super important to stand out, especially when you’re offering something different. And when your product & service is different, then you need to do something really special.

Building on an Existing Brand

As Match Property were reaching their 5 year anniversary, it was clear that they had outgrown their original brand identity. As they have increased their market share and become more prominent in their area, they needed to reassure their customers that they are an established and reliable estate agent.

Nic & his team at Match Property have built a reputation for being innovative, reliable and professional in their service, matching the right buyers & tenants to the right property. Creating a clean, vibrant and clear logo now gives them an image that represents these qualities in an impactful way.

Setting a Firm Foundation

We know how important it is for our clients to be able to use their new branding in the right way. Whether it is an in-house document or passing on your logo to a 3rd party to use, you need to know how to use it effectively.

We provided Nic and his team with a handbook of Brand Guidelines, with clear step-by-step explanations on how to use the new logo, colours and typography.

The vibrant colour palette needed to work in both print & digital media, as well as signage, to deliver a brand experience that is consistent and effective. By empowering our clients with these tools, our brand strategy projects are incredibly effective from launch and into the long term too.

A New-Build Online Home

Being a digital-first business, Match Property rely upon their website and social media presence to drive business. Their old website had become outdated, it wasn’t mobile-responsive, and it was difficult to navigate.

We built a brand new site, integrating the site directly to Nic’s in-house property listing software, meaning his online presence is updated instantaneously whenever he takes on a new property. Using the bright new colour scheme and consistent typography, teamed up with a clean layout and easy navigation, Match Property now have a pleasing & effective website for their business.

Check out the new website and learn more anout Nic and the team at

“It will permeate everything we do from now on…”

Jamie and the team were expert at understanding our needs and tapping  into what it was that we wanted to achieve with both our branding and the design of the website. The execution of the branding designs was the best I have experienced.

We could have chosen any of the 3 designs they came up with and all would have been great. But where they really shine is their ability to add value to a straightforward task. They could have just come up with a design and built a website in a very straightforward, no frills way but instead we got an extended branding concept that will permeate into everything we do from now on and a website that reflects that too.

As a small business, price was important to us and we got more value than we expected for the price we paid. We have already put other projects with them and have and will most definitely recommend them to others.

Nic Chbat

Founder & Head Property Matchmaker, Match Property Estate Agents

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