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Bringing Bollywood to London.

We were approached by Monica, the founder & artistic director of London-based dance company Bollywood Magic, to deliver a new logo to use for her growing business.

Drawing inspiration from a rich and vibrant culture, we had an abundance of shapes, textures and colours to work with. Pulling in themes from Indian cinema, traditional dancing, and even architecture & fabrics, we went on a real creative journey!

Drawing Inspiration

Our design team loved working on this project. The studio was filled with music, and all of the brightly-coloured marker pens came out! There was a real buzz around the whole process.

For the main logo, we knew that Monica’s clientele was quite varied. One day she would be choreographing a wedding, the next she would be running a corporate team-building day, and then the weekend would have a children’s party or two in store.

With a wide audience, the aesthetics of the brand needed to be simple, effective and appealing. The logo had to feel classy and respectable, but also culturally relevant. Drawing our main inspiration from elegant mandala patterns, we teamed the design with some of Monica’s favourite vibrant colours – chosen from Bollywood posters and images of Indian festivals.

The hand-designed lettering introduced an element of authenticity, and the ability to make a pattern from the logo itself meant that the branding could be applied subtly when needed.

Enticing Functional Designs

From the start, we knew that the design work would be used in both Print and Digital media. With a clear brief, we made sure that all of the colours would work perfectly and consistently, both offline and online.

We not only gave Monica a new corporate identity for Bollywood Magic, but also introduced an energetic colour palette to be rolled-out across all of her marketing materials. Being able to apply a clean business image on business cards and letterheads allows her to communicate effectively with corporate clients and parents, whereas the vibrant colours can be splashed more creatively on the party invitations that must appeal to children.

This colour palette is also ready for Monica to use as a guide during the future development of the business, preparing her for a new website & more in the exciting times ahead.

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“Exceptionally Impressed”

The team at OneTwoPixel did a great job and produced a logo that represents exactly what we are all about. We wanted something that looked authentic and stood out and are extremely happy with the final design. They were very flexible as we explored many colours and options, and we are so excited to be able to make use of our logo on marketing materials and at our events. The party invitations are proving to be a hit with our clients and we were exceptionally impressed with the design of our new business cards and letterheads.

Monica Sood

Founder & Artistic Director, Bollywood Magic

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