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Starting Small.

We were approached by our client to assist them in the development of their Matilda Mouse Ballet Programme – a dance class specifically designed for children from 18 months to 3 years old. The existing reward materials consisted of a simple white card certificate with 6 coloured spots, upon which children would affix their reward sticker after each lesson. At the end of the term they were awarded with a small sew-on badge.

So, the first thing we did was to develop the Matilda Mouse character to create exciting and engaging branding with a recognisable logo with a bright colour scheme to match.

A Bright Start

Adding the new logo, typography and colours to the reward materials immediately breathed new life into the dance classes. The customers loved the new design, which prompted them to start spreading the news among their friends, bringing more custom to our client.

The coherent and consistent branding has drawn a lot more interest from new customers and has helped retain existing ones. The added brand value is giving our client’s customers more confidence in the Matilda Mouse Ballet programme, leading to more sales and fantastic growth for their business.

Spreading the Word

Alongside the redesign of the Matilda Mouse Ballet certificates and reward materials, we ensured the new branding was usable in marketing materials too. We created a fun and light aesthetic using the new colour scheme and simple geometric shapes, rolling this out across new promotional postcards.

With the importance of digital marketing, we made sure the designs would work well online too. Keeping the brand experience consistent across all online platforms allows our client’s customers to recognise the brand wherever they see it. A mobile-responsive website, dedicated Facebook & Twitter graphics, and consistent language used across social media and email campaigns all form part of a great customer experience.

Video Promotion

With a product as active and exciting as Matilda Mouse Ballet, we wanted to show potential customers just how much fun it really is, and what better way to present the classes than with an upbeat and engaging video.

Drawing in the new branding, we worked with experienced video editor Neil Rolfe to produce a promotional video designed to attract new parents to enrol their children in the classes. We incorporated the same graphic design, colour schemes and typography as the print media throughout the animations, delivering a coherent brand experience. The video content has proved to be very popular on social media, generating new leads through Facebook where it is consistently liked and shared.

Stepping Up…

After our re-branding efforts, we realised that there was untapped potential in the ballet programme. Working closely with our client, they are now building the Matilda Mouse Ballet Programme into a business opportunity for dance schools across the country, and in the near future they hope to see more Matilda Mouse Ballet schools opening up nationwide.

All of the designs, marketing, & digital infrastructure have been developed with this national expansion in mind, ensuring that the branding remains fit for purpose throughout the business’s growth and expansion.

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“The guidance, knowledge & creativity has been great…”

We never imagined that one of our dance classes could grow in such a way. Not only have we been able to attract even more customers than before, we’ve also been able to improve the overall experience for everyone. Having more and more young dancers joining us at the studio is great, and seeing them develop a lifelong love of dance brings a smile to my face.

Working with OneTwoPixel has been wonderful, as we’ve been able to achieve much more that we thought we could and in such a short space of time. The guidance, knowledge and creativity that we’ve been offered has been great, and we look forward to continuing our working relationship. Sarah Clements

Founder of Matilda Mouse Ballet

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